Collaborating with Bien-aimées, Christian worked as a director of photography and video editor for the company’s first wedding dress collection. He guided a photoshoot, collaborating with five models, a makeup artist, and photographer to create content for the business’s online presence, establishing a strong focus on preserving elements of their brand, such as luxury, sustainability, and contemporary signature.

Reassemblages | Stream Visions |

These new works are collaborative responses to the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection. British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection is a unique research collection dedicated to the work of UK and international moving image artists. It comprises of copies of film and video works, publications, paper documents, posters as well as other material relating to artists' moving image. The collection is part of Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection.

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The underwater recontructs itself into

Slaveya Tsvetkova

During the project, “In the Ethereal Spaces of Bulgaria”, Christian collaborated with Slaveya Tsvetkova to create a visual-audio project portraying the Black Sea through the medium of yarn and light. In the video, the use of symmetry, reflection, and movement mirror the enigmatic characteristics of the open water. They are the vessel through which she presents the studio exploration of preserving her Bulgarian heritage and interpreting spaces through abstractions.

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Red Moon

In Red Moon, Christian worked as an editor and director of photography, highlighting concepts of sustainable and contemporary fashion in the commerical video. The placement of the yarn, as well as its scarcity, echo the challenges of durability in present-day clothing and attempt to return to the dynamics of authentic fashion consumption and usage.

Concept and idea: Sabrican Üzen
Model: Mihaela
Set design and styling: Slaveya Tsvetkova
Assistant operator: Teodora Georgieva

Co-working with the Greatest Masters 2021

Andrei Lekarski

In this exibiton, Christian photographed, edited, and colour-graded all 25 paintings by the contemporary French-Bulgarian painter and sculptor, Andrei Lekarski. The pieces intersect realities of centuries-old masterpieces and personal moments from the artist’s life. The enhancements offered viewers the opportunity to experience his work through a more accurate lense when displayed through other mediums.

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