ZooLand depicted of my own thoughts and dreams unfolds the stories of my mother and her diaries. The aim in this project had been to explore the consequences of the “collective memory” during the communism in Soviet Bulgaria.  

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A VHS documentary about a non-existing place and the land of constant change. Blank is the space in between, where everything happens at the same time...

Directed | edit | sound | by Christian Belev
Concept | idea | voiceover | by Gergana Dobreva
Supported by ДАА ( Bulgarian State Archive )

︎ Officical selection at Malarkey Film Festival

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Diagnose Iceberg

An experimental photography and film project exploring the meaning of the body through two distinct perspectives. The submerged female and male bodies demonstrate the Freudian Iceberg Metaphor by concealing the true identity of the bodies. This amiguity is magnified through the poetry-based Pomegranate Myth. While the fruit symbolizes life and fertility, it also encompasses opposing elements such as blood and death. This juxtaposition defines life’s fragility and the imbalance between our internal perceptions and outward appearances.

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